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Disappointment with God, Three Questions No One Asks Aloud (Audio DAISY Book)

By: Phillip Yancy
Have you ever experienced disappointment with God? Many of us would be afraid or ashamed to answer yes. This disappointment occurs when our expectations differ from what we believe God's actions should be. This book explores this subject and helps deal with such disappointments.
Read by: Doyle Swinney
Approximate time: 6 hours 40 minutes
Subject categories: Christian Growth, Comfort
Catalog number: 358

Egypt and Bible History, from earliest times to 1000 b.c. (Audio DAISY Book)

By: Charles F. Aling
This is a historical book covering egyptian history as it relates to the Bible.
Read by: David Green
Approximate time: 6 hours 24 minutes
Subject category: Historical
Catalog number: 56

The Five Love Languages (Audio DAISY Book)

By: Dr. Gary Chapman
People express and receive love in different ways. Dr. Gary Chapman identifies these as the five languages of love: quality time, words of affirmation, gifts, acts of service and physical touch.
Read by: Barbara Jacobs
Approximate time: 5 hours 28 minutes
Subject categories: Marriage and Family, Romance
Catalog number: 250

The Freedom of Forgiveness, Revised and Expanded (Audio DAISY Book)

By: David W. Augsburger
Healing and freedom are realized when forgiveness is granted by the one offended. Many pains are experienced that require full and complete forgiveness of others. This practical guide helps us to understand how to live a life of ongoing forgiveness.
Read by: Arety Jordan
Approximate time: 4 hours 15 minutes
Subject categories: Christian Disciplines, Christian Growth, Discipleship
Catalog number: 436

God Calling (Audio DAISY Book)

By: Two Listeners and A. J. Russell
Daily devotions written by two women, who chose only to identify themselves as Two Listeners, who believed that the Lord Jesus Himself spoke to them as they prayed and sought to hear His voice day by day. They do not claim Scriptural inspiration for these devotions nor do they seek to add them to the canon of Scripture; however, the Two Listeners published this book to prove that a living Christ speaks today and "He reveals Himself now as ever as a humble servant and majestic Creator."
Read by: Ellen Brubeck
Approximate time: 6 hours 44 minutes
Subject category: Devotional
Catalog number: 2

God Will Talk Through You (Audio DAISY Book)

By: Bruce Van Natta
An account with scripture reference as to the importance of God's precise wording in communications from Him.
Read by: Caleb Van Natta
Approximate time: 48 minutes
Subject categories: Bible Study, Christian Disciplines, Christian Growth, Christian Living
Catalog number: 327

God's Plan of Salvation (Audio DAISY Teaching)

By: Denny Kenaston
God had His plan of salvation in place before this world was created. As a lengthy proclamation of the doctrine of salvation, this teaching set covers a twofold purpose in its presentation. The teaching applies to a seeking soul who needs to understand how to be saved. It is also instructional for soul winners, who want a clearer understanding of how to lead a soul to a saving faith in Jesus Christ.
Approximate time: 5 hours 7 minutes
Subject categories: Doctrine and Theology, Evangelism
Catalog number: 525

The Hiding Place (Audio DAISY Book)

By: Corrie Ten Boom and John and Elizabeth Sherrill
This is the well-known and captivating story of how Corrie and her family became leaders in the Dutch Underground, hiding Jewish people in a specially built room in their house and aiding their escape from the Nazis.
Read by: Martha Arney
Approximate time: 8 hours 55 minutes
Subject categories: Biography and Autobiography, Historical, Suffering and Persecution
Catalog number: 73

Hobo on the Way to Heaven (Audio DAISY Book)

By: Art Linkletter and George Bishop
Opening with the news of the tragic death of Art Linkletter's 19-year-old daughter, this book is Largely about his spiritual journey. A fascinating biography of a man who, through his television program came into the homes of millions of viewers with wit and humor as he talked with children.
Read by: Martha Arney
Approximate time: 7 hours 18 minutes
Subject category: Biography and Autobiography
Catalog number: 75

How Can a Man Be Born Again (Braille Pamphlet)

By: Chuck Smith
Do you really know what it means to be born again? And why did Jesus say it was necessary to be born again if you want to see the kingdom of God? This pamphlet explains the difference between physical and spiritual birth and why God created man in the first place, because in the end, it's not about religion. It's about relationship. Have you ever wanted to share your faith in Jesus, but weren't sure how? This pamphlet was designed for that purpose and is a compelling witnessing tool for any Christian.
Subject categories: Christian Growth, Evangelism
Catalog number: 194


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