Legal Information

BrailleAudio Materials Format and File Sharing Policy

Unless otherwise stated, materials on, or distributed by BrailleAudio, are produced and distributed in accordance with U.S. copyright law and under the terms of the Marrakesh Treaty. As such, materials are produced and distributed in accessible formats exclusively for use by persons who are permanently blind, partially sighted, or who have other disabilities that prevent them from reading regular print or handling a book.

To guard against violation of copyright law, no member of BrailleAudio may share, sell, transfer or otherwise provide copies of files available from BrailleAudio to any other person or entity for any reason whatsoever. An exception exists for BrailleAudio staff and volunteers who may find it necessary to transfer files between one another to complete assigned tasks. Even staff and volunteers of BrailleAudio, Spoken Word Ministries, Inc., or any associated entities thereof, may not provide BrailleAudio files to other persons or entities without specific permision in writing from Spoken Word Ministries, Inc., and/or from BrailleAudio staff or volunteers with the authority to approve file sharing requests.

If a member of BrailleAudio is deemed to have violated the above policy, his/her membership may be suspended for a time, or permanently revoked. BrailleAudio, Spoken Word Ministries, Inc., or any associated entities thereof, is responsible for enforcing this file sharing policy and all decisions are final and binding on all parties.

BrailleAudio understands the frustration of having friends who want access to material who cannot otherwise obtain it, and the desire to help such friends with the best of intentions, but we nevertheless require each and every member of BrailleAudio to strictly adhere to the above policy.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!