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Angel Unaware (Audio DAISY Book)

By: Dale Evans Rogers
Entertainers Roy and Dale Evans Rogers were thrilled when their little daughter Robin was born. But their excitement turned to concern when they were informed that Robin was born with Down's Syndrome and advised to "put her away." The Rogers ignored such talk and instead kept Robin, and she graced their home for two and a half years. Though Robin's time on earth was short, she changed her parents' lives and even made life better for other children born with special needs in the years to come. Angel Unaware is Robin's account of her life as she looks down from heaven. As she speaks to God about the mission of love she just completed on earth, the reader sees how she brought her parents closer to God and encouraged them to help other children in need.
Read by: Martha Arney
Approximate time: 1 hour 41 minutes
Subject categories: Christian Growth, Marriage and Family
Catalog number: 345

Angels on Assignment (Audio DAISY Book)

By: Roland Buck and Charles Hunter
In this intriguing book, Roland Buck describes his personal encounters with angels and what the Bible tells us about these messengers of God. You'll find out how God's messengers impact your own life and how God is using angels to help usher in the great end-times harvest of souls before the return of Jesus.
Read by: Martha Arney
Approximate time: 5 hours 28 minutes
Subject categories: Christian Living, End Times and Prophecy
Catalog number: 9

The Beautiful Side of Evil (Audio DAISY Book)

By: Johanna Michaelsen
Johanna Michaelsen shares an extraordinary story about how she became a personal assistant to a psychic surgeon and witnessed miraculous healings, yet realized the true occultic source behind The Beautiful Side of Evil.
Read by: Martha Arney
Approximate time: 6 hours 54 minutes
Subject categories: Biography and Autobiography, Evil and the Occult
Catalog number: 10

Blind Courage (Audio DAISY Book)

By: Bill Irwin and Dave McCasland
The author, blinded by a rare eye disease, recounts his experiences hiking with his guide dog, Orient, from Georgia to Maine on the Appalachian Trail and describes how his faith helped sustain him along the trail. Bill describes all of the physical hardships and mental doubts about finishing the Trail.
Read by: Arety Jordan
Approximate time: 7 hours 11 minutes
Subject category: Biography and Autobiography
Catalog number: 339

Calvinism, Arminianism and the Word of God, a Calvary Chapel Perspective (Braille Pamphlet)

By: Chuck Smith
This pamphlet provides a brief summary of Calvinism and Arminianism as related to salvation. Pastor Chuck also provides a Calvary Chapel perspective on this subject.
Subject category: Doctrine and Theology
Catalog number: 199

Catholic Pentecostals Today (Audio DAISY Book)

By: Kevin Ranaghan and Dorothy Ranaghan
In the 1960's members of the Roman Catholic Church experienced a renewal that brought more emphasis to the present work of the Holy Spirit in the life of each believer. We are provided with a history and testimonies of this movement as well as the theology of its adherents. We also learn the differences between Catholic pentecostals and the theologies of protestant pentecostal denominations.
Read by: Martha Arney
Approximate time: 8 hours 23 minutes
Subject categories: Bible Study, Doctrine and Theology, Historical
Catalog number: 419

Charisma Versus Charismania (Braille Book)

By: Chuck Smith
Christian doctrines on a variety of topics are explored and discussed for Biblical accuracy versus excesses or incorrect applications and use as seen in today's church. Topics discussed include: the person, work and power of the Holy Spirit, the love of God, and the trustworthiness of the Word of God. 1983
Subject categories: Bible Study, Doctrine and Theology
Catalog number: 287

Come and See (Audio DAISY Book)

By: Ken Medema and Joyce Norman
This autobiography with writer Joyce Norman tells the story of an accomplished blind pianist who has performed for thousands. His Christian witness is clearly seen through his concert performances.
Read by: Martha Arney
Approximate time: 3 hours 10 minutes
Subject category: Biography and Autobiography
Catalog number: 34

Daily Gospel Devotionals, the Story of Jesus from Incarnation to Ascension (Braille Book)

By: J. D. Hatfield
In one year the author reflects on every passage of every gospel. This is more than a devotional, however. The ongoing narrative and doctrinal context are carefully considered. The devotional reading for each day is taken from one of the first four books of the New Testament. For the convenience of the reader, a list of the biblical location for each reading is provided at the front of the bookk.
Subject category: Devotional
Catalog number: 280

Desiring God, Meditations of a Christian Hedonist (Audio DAISY Book)

By: John Piper
The love life of the believer for God is described in its various aspects and shows God's intricate design of all aspects of the believer's life in relating to and desiring the Divine Being, God.
Read by: Ann Thompson
Approximate time: 13 hours 13 minutes
Subject categories: Christian Disciplines, Discipleship, Doctrine and Theology
Catalog number: 271


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