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1. Charisma Versus Charismania (Braille Book)

By: Chuck Smith
Christian doctrines on a variety of topics are explored and discussed for Biblical accuracy versus excesses or incorrect applications and use as seen in today's church. Topics discussed include: the person, work and power of the Holy Spirit, the love of God, and the trustworthiness of the Word of God. 1983
Subject categories: Bible Study, Doctrine and Theology
Catalog number: 287

2. Journey to Love (Audio DAISY Book)

By: June Masters Bacher
This is a story from yesteryear, of 2 pioneers migrating to the picturesque Oregon territory and their journey to love.
Read by: Martha Arney
Approximate time: 4 hours 46 minutes
Subject categories: Romance
Catalog number: 348

3. Kim, I Will Make Darkness Light (Audio DAISY Book)

By: Hugh Steven and Kim Wickes
Join Kim as she takes you on her journey. As a 10-year-old Korean blind girl, she was adopted and brought to the U.S. by Americans from Indiana. You will travel with her through many experiences including travel in Europe. Experience with her how a self-oriented woman yielded herself to a Christ-centered life.
Read by: Martha Arney
Approximate time: 4 hours 3 minutes
Subject categories: Biography and Autobiography
Catalog number: 114

4. The Power of a Praying Parent (Audio DAISY Book)

By: Stormie Omartian
"Being a perfect parent doesn't matter. Being a praying parent matters." Working from this premise the author demonstrates the importance and effectiveness of being a praying parent. Why leave your child to chance when you can place that same child into the hands of a loving God through prayer.
Read by: Arety Jordan
Approximate time: 5 hours 7 minutes
Subject categories: Christian Disciplines, Christian Living, Marriage and Family, Prayer
Catalog number: 379

5. The Seduction of Our Children (Audio DAISY Book)

By: Neil Anderson and Steve Russo
Noted spiritual conflicts counselor Neil Anderson, the bestselling author of The Bondage Breaker, and youth evangelist Steve Russo, know the deception at work in the minds of children.
Read by: Martha Arney
Approximate time: 7 hours 18 minutes
Subject categories: Christian Living, Evil and the Occult, Marriage and Family
Catalog number: 118

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