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1. Angels on Assignment (Audio DAISY Book)

By: Roland Buck and Charles Hunter
In this intriguing book, Roland Buck describes his personal encounters with angels and what the Bible tells us about these messengers of God. You'll find out how God's messengers impact your own life and how God is using angels to help usher in the great end-times harvest of souls before the return of Jesus.
Read by: Martha Arney
Approximate time: 5 hours 28 minutes
Subject categories: Christian Living, End Times and Prophecy
Catalog number: 9

2. Exodus II, Let My People Go (Audio DAISY Book)

By: Steve Lightle
This non-fiction book was written in 1983. It details the judgement of the Soviet Union and foretells of the exodus of the Jewish people and their going home to Israel. Details are given of preparations that were made through out Europe to help the Jewish people return home. Written long before the disintegration of the USSR, we have now seen it happen.
Read by: Martha Arney
Approximate time: 7 hours 34 minutes
Subject categories: End Times and Prophecy, Historical
Catalog number: 151

3. How to Heal the Sick (Audio DAISY Book)

By: Charles Hunter and Frances Hunter
The solid, biblically based methods of healing found in this book can bring you physical health, divine happiness, and abundant life.
Read by: Martha Arney
Approximate time: 6 hours 53 minutes
Subject categories: Doctrine and Theology, Evangelism, Evil and the Occult
Catalog number: 84

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