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1. Blind Courage (Audio DAISY Book)

By: Bill Irwin and Dave McCasland
The author, blinded by a rare eye disease, recounts his experiences hiking with his guide dog, Orient, from Georgia to Maine on the Appalachian Trail and describes how his faith helped sustain him along the trail. Bill describes all of the physical hardships and mental doubts about finishing the Trail.
Read by: Arety Jordan
Approximate time: 7 hours 11 minutes
Subject categories: Biography and Autobiography
Catalog number: 339

2. Bruchko (Audio DAISY Book)

By: Bruce Olson
What happens when a nineteen-year-old boy leaves home and heads into the jungles to evangelize a murderous tribe of South American Indians? For Bruce Olson, it meant capture, disease, terror, loneliness, and torture. But what he discovered by trial and error has revolutionized the world of missions.
Read by: Arety Jordan
Approximate time: 7 hours 22 minutes
Subject categories: Evangelism, Missions and Missionaries
Catalog number: 26

3. An Ordinary Man Plus an Extraordinary God (Audio DAISY Book)

By: Robert Rich
An extraordinary God directed these ordinary people as they served the Lord as missionaries in the Amazon basin of Brazil. These recorded true stories, great and small, reveal the marvelous faithfulness of a loving, living extraordinary God.
Read by: Arety Jordan
Approximate time: 7 hours 9 minutes
Subject categories: Missions and Missionaries
Catalog number: 276

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