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Comfort for Those Who Mourn (Audio DAISY Pamphlet)

By: Chuck Smith
Based on the Biblical account of David's grief at the death of Jonathan and Saul, this pamphlet describes a healthy way to grieve the loss of a loved one.
Read by: Kelly Wickham
Approximate time: 42 minutes
Subject category: Comfort
Catalog number: 198

Evolution Theory Fact Sheet (Audio DAISY Pamphlet)

By: Marshall Hall and Sandra Hall
This pamphlet contains certain proof that evolution is not true, and that evolution is not possible. The authors challenge any scientist anywhere to step forward and deny these scientific facts.
Read by: Chris Cuppett
Approximate time: 21 minutes
Subject category: Historical
Catalog number: 527

Our Problem--God's Answer (Audio DAISY Pamphlet)

By: Tim Snyder
This pamphlet gives a succinct description of our problem as sinful human beings, the consequences of our not addressing this problem and God's answer to our problem, salvation and new birth that only He can provide.
Read by: Greg Thompson
Approximate time: 9 minutes
Subject category: Evangelism
Catalog number: 200

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