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Lord, How Will You Get Me Out of This Mess (Audio DAISY Book)

By: Kay Golbeck and Irene Burk Harrell
From the brink of death, to a life with God and his overcoming power, this book is filled with demonstrations of God's love and care. We see a life filled with service to the Lord and confirmations of His helping power. No matter what our circumstances may be, the Lord is with us in the dead center of any mess we may face in life.
Read by: Martha Arney
Approximate time: 4 hours 39 minutes
Subject category: Christian Living
Catalog number: 406

Lords of the Earth (Audio DAISY Book)

By: Don Richardson
Missionary Stan Dale dared to enter their domain and be an instrument to change their future. Peace Child author, Don Richardson, tells the story of Dale, his wife, his companions and thousands of Yali tribesmen in Lords of the Earth.
Read by: Wayne Pederson
Approximate time: 8 hours 56 minutes
Subject category: Missions and Missionaries
Catalog number: 246

The Lost Child, the True Story of a Kidnapped Child and Her Mother's Journey to Forgiveness (Audio DAISY Book)

By: Marietta Jaeger
This is the tragic and horrifying story of a kidnapped child and her mother's journey to forgiveness. Some tragedies may not be understood in this life, but God is ever-present with us through any tragedy we face.
Read by: Martina Postma
Approximate time: 3 hours 4 minutes
Subject categories: Biography and Autobiography, Christian Growth, Evil and the Occult, Suffering and Persecution
Catalog number: 410

Loving God (Audio DAISY Book)

By: Charles W. Colson
Chuck Colson addresses the topic of loving God in a most unusual way. He provides examples from prisons and prisoners, from the theological perspective, from the story of a soldier at war and by demonstrating the reliability of the Word of God. Loving God involves the whole being, obedience and practical holiness, no matter what may be the time or circumstance.
Read by: Martha Arney
Approximate time: 10 hours 35 minutes
Subject categories: Christian Growth, Discipleship, Doctrine and Theology
Catalog number: 413

Major League Dad (Audio DAISY Book)

By: Tim and Christine Burke and Gregg Lewis
Tim Burke was a major league baseball pitcher who was at the top of his game. Realizing the tremendous strain his sports career was having on his family, Tim and his wife made a momentous decision. This couple gave up the position and prestige of major league sports in order to give quality time to their adopted, special needs kids. This book tells the story of Tim's involvement with baseball. Tim and Christine also share their stories of their family life together.
Read by: Sharick Wade
Approximate time: 5 hours 55 minutes
Subject categories: Biography and Autobiography, Marriage and Family
Catalog number: 482

Making Decisions (Audio DAISY Book)

By: Charles Turkington
Decision making becomes easier when we let God help. Part of the Growing Christians Series.
Read by: Becky Peterson
Approximate time: 2 hours 2 minutes
Subject categories: Christian Growth, Christian Living
Catalog number: 49

The Making of Disciples (Audio DAISY Teaching)

By: Dale Gish
After laying a foundation of the need and call to discipleship, this series of sermons challenges leaders to be an example to those whom they disciple. Many practical applications are given to aid church leaders, husbands, and fathers in discipling their churches and families.
Approximate time: 4 hours 15 minutes
Subject category: Discipleship
Catalog number: 330

A Man Called Norman, The Unforgettable Story of an Uncommon Friendship (Audio DAISY Book)

By: Mike Adkins
Little did Mike Adkins know, when he moved into his new house, that one of his new neighbors was "Weird Norman," the old eccentric every town seems to have. His first encounter with Norman confirmed that he was a strange character, to say the least. In the years that followed, however, the two men developed a warm and unusual friendship. And God used Norman to teach Mike what it means to obey one of the great commandments of Scripture: Love your neighbor as yourself. Mike also learned a simple trust in the Lord that was to change the whole course of his life.
Read by: Alice Henderson
Approximate time: 2 hours 54 minutes
Subject categories: Christian Growth, Christian Living
Catalog number: 334

The Man Who Keeps Going to Jail (Audio DAISY Book)

By: John Robert Erwin and Dell Coats Erwin
His boyhood included foster homes, reform schools, and trouble. Today he's a pace-setting jail chaplain. What happened?
Read by: Wayne Pederson
Approximate time: 2 hours 58 minutes
Subject categories: Biography and Autobiography, Missions and Missionaries
Catalog number: 248

The Mantle (Audio DAISY Book)

By: William H. Stephens
Thundering warnings to Ahab, defying Jezebel, putting Baal's impotent prophets to the sword, these are scenes from the life of the prophet Elijah. The prophet Elijah finds himself in one of Israel's darkest periods in which he is called to stand for and proclaim the words of Yahweh. We see in this man of God both fear and faith with his life culminating in ultimate triumph.
Read by: Wayne Pederson
Approximate time: 8 hours 56 minutes
Subject categories: Bible Characters, Historical
Catalog number: 253


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